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100% Grassfed Beef
grazed in Bozeman, Montana

for the birds, bees, and beeves


Our Beef

100% grassfed beef raised in Bozeman, Montana with no growth hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics. Using regenerative land management techniques, we aim to improve soil health and nutrient density.


Our Grazing

Our pastures are rengeneratively grazed for improved ecological health and enhanced forage growth which improves soil life and extends plant root structures and increases water retention. This also allows the cattle's diet to be diverse as they graze a variety of forage. 


Our Team

Our team includes owner and manager Christian La Bar, our herd of cattle, our amazing customers, and our trusty cattle dog, Marv. Together, we steward the land and community, with conservation at the core of our ethos.


the story of our beef

hover over the images below to read the story of how our beef gets to your plate

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