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About Us

Welcome to Gallatin Grassfed, where the rhythms of nature guide our land stewardship and livestock management. Located on the outskirts of Bozeman, Montana, our operation is driven by a simple mission: for the birds, bees, and beeves*


At Gallatin Grassfed, Christian La Bar leads the charge as owner and manager, dedicated to leveraging cattle to enhance our grazing lands and deliver the most nutritious beef possible through regenerative grazing practices. While Christian is the sole face on the ranch (with our trusty cattle dog, Marv), our success is a testament to the unwavering support of a diverse network. From fellow ranchers who share our ethos to landowners committed to regenerative practices, skilled butchers who transform our meat with care, and our committed customers who value what we do, we owe our gratitude.


Our cattle roam on private leases nestled along the Gallatin River and lush mountain meadows, where they enjoy daily rotations to fresh pastures. This not only ensures optimal forage diversity but also aids in regenerating soil health, capturing carbon, and enhancing biodiversity, all integral components of regenerative grazing.


As stewards of both the land and the community, conservation is at the core of our ethos. Nearly all the land we graze is under conservation easement, reflecting our commitment to preserving open spaces for the benefit of all beings, wild and domestic.


When you choose Gallatin Grassfed beef, you're not just purchasing meat; you're supporting a small, Montana ranch dedicated to providing grassfed beef that feeds both our local community and the soil where we make our living . Thank you for joining us on this journey towards regeneratively grazed, locally sourced food.


*"For the birds" emphasizes the importance of preserving habitats and ecosystems that support our local bird species. This includes maintaining diverse vegetation, clean water sources, and suitable nesting sites.

"For the bees" underscores the significance of pollinators like bees, whose vital role in plant reproduction supports agricultural productivity and biodiversity. We love our pollinators!

"For the beeves" refers to the cattle or livestock raised for meat production. It emphasizes the ethical treatment of animals, sustainable grazing practices, and the production of high-quality, nutritious beef.

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