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Big Sky Bundle

Big Sky Bundle


The Big Sky Bundle offers you a little bit of everything and totals ~100lbs. Think of it like a 1/4 beef. Perfect for a family or an individual that cooks most their meals at home. Think of sizzling steaks, delicious roasts, and lots of grilling time! This bundle also features our new products, Beef Brats and Hamburger Patties!


Your bundle may include:

Ribeye Steaks, Filet Mignon, Chuck Roasts, Arm Roast, Short Ribs, pkgs Beef Brats, Brisket, Sirloin Steaks, Rump Roasts, Hamburger Patties, Ground Beef


20% Steaks, 20% Roasts, 60% Ground Beef (80/20). Also includes new items of Hamburger Patties and Beef Brats.


In-State Shipping, Pick-up, and Delivery options are available. 

FREE Delivery is available to the greater Bozeman area. (Within ~50 mile radius.)

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